Sometimes life brings joy, and just as often it brings challenges. Without inner resources we have little or no reserves to draw upon to deal with the unexpected or difficult scenarios that we all we face at one time or another. Whether it be anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, addiction, grief, loneliness or simply aging, we all need resilience and other inner resources. Mindfulness techniques have proven successful in taking us to a place of wellness. But they take practice and support. Mindful Wellness is about long term behavior change.

Whether you are struggling with sleeping fitfully, you want to incorporate more movement into your day, or you simply need support to reach your wellness goals, Mindful Wellness can help. You’ll learn effective mindfulness techniques to de-stress, to bring your awareness to what really matters to you, and to let go of your inner critic. As a mentor, I focus on concrete, easy to access tools that empower you to make the changes you are ready to take on. My experience leading yoga classes, workshops, retreats in mindful wellness for diverse groups and organizations has taught me that commitment is critical for success. Together we determine how you are ready to make commitments for your well being, and then practice the skills to accomplish your goals. Whether you’ve become depleted, or simply want to add to your reserves, this is where a mentorship comes in to play.

Mindful wellness coaching results in empowered individuals who conquer obstacles they previously thought they could not. There is a growing body of evidence showing that utilizing the support of a teacher/coach improves well-being in many ways:

  • One on one support helps people implement personal wellness plans and meet individualized goals.
  • One on one support results in new behaviors and new skill development.
  • One on one support improves psychological resources that predict higher performance, capacity to change, and improved mental health.
  • One on one support is related to increased positivity, resilience, and self-efficacy.

If you are interested in real and lasting health behavior change that leads to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle: