Diane Butera is a 500 RYT-E yoga educator, and former school teacher. Her focus of inquiry through mindfulness tools is used to further wellness of body, mind, and spirit. She teaches compassionate embodiment. Diane’s cancer diagnosis 2010 led her to become a strong advocate for mindful healing through modalities like yoga, guided meditation, acupuncture, and energy work. With the diagnosis of ovarian cancer and subsequent complete hysterectomy, Diane went on to study and teach yoga for the pelvic floor, as well as lead guided meditation for cancer recovery. She is a recovered nicotine addict (24 years and counting), and an Al Anon member. She has developed a program to quit nicotine and stay quit. Diane has mentored hundreds of students and teachers as owner of two yoga studios, which she recently sold to pursue her desire to work individually with others on the mindful healing path that promotes cultivating wellness and serenity.