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Rethink Healthy Aging!

Move from surviving to thriving. Find wellness with easy to learn mindfulness tools. Learn focused movements from yoga and Pilates that lead to freedom, health and joy in all your daily activities. Access tools for better sleep. Nutrition support is also available. Enjoy total body health.

Unlimited Access To the Full Mindful Video Library!

Learn focused movements and meditations that lead to freedom, health and joy in all your daily activities. Movement Lab, Yoga, Pilates, Meditations and Resource videos added weekly to help you to live a healthier life and age well. 

Why Mindful Wellness?

The ability to heal yourself with mindfulness skills has been widely accepted by the medical community. Learn to use mindful practices to help with: Strength, Balance, Injuries, Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain & Illness, Addiction therapy, PTSD, Pelvic Floor Health and Cancer Therapy.

Mindfulness tools help us reside in the present moment without judgment, angst or analysis. Please enjoy the videos and recordings intended for your well-being, and healthy aging!

I have priced the membership to make it affordable for everyone. The videos and recordings cover a range of topics and I will be adding to the collection weekly. Please let me know if there is something you would like me to address. I am here to help you feel your best.

May you be happy, healthy, free from suffering and at peace.

Here’s to your health! 

Schedule A Private Session

Now scheduling private  sessions for Strength and Balance, Injuries, Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain & Illness, Cancer Therapy and Personal Empowerment. Sessions cost $60/hr.

Start Your 8 Week Program

Expert guidance when it matters most. We are a team. I am committed to helping you create and live with healthy habits that increase your well-being.

• we find clarity and confidence
• create a personalized plan of healthy habits that meet your goals
• set up your environment for success
• maintain the progress you achieve

I will support you with movement education, nutrition guidance, mindfulness tools, and compassion. You will have access to one-on-one coaching sessions, my video library, recipes, and recommended reading/podcasts.
You receive a custom workout plan that include fitness routines (for home or the gym) and ideas for everyday activities you might not think of as “exercise.”

There is no need to force yourself to do things that you don’t really like. Instead find the ones you do. Recent research by Angela Duckworth and colleagues has shown a fascinating contradiction: people who score high on self-control don’t achieve successes in life by exerting control. They are not practicing self-denial by white knuckling through life. Instead, they know how to form habits that meet their goals.

Plan Includes:

The best evidence we have at this point is that it can take two to three months to form a simple habit—to make something so automated that you don’t have to think about it. Therefore you have a program eight weeks in length.

Meet four times for one hour each the first two weeks.
Meet two times for one hour the next six weeks.
Your hour includes 45 minutes of Mindful movement/Pilates/Strength Training/Yoga/Guided Meditation. Your routine will be specific to your goals.
The in-person program has the option of including nutritious, quality meals

• Set your wellness goals: better sleep, reduce pain/inflammation, increase fitness, better nutrition, lose weight
• If you want to lose weight, we determine daily calorie intake for weight loss and keep a food diary.
• One hour/six days per week of fitness movement, no less than 30 minutes brisk walking or cardio activity. Another 30 minutes strength training/Pilates/weights/yoga. I can supply my own videos for you.
• Nutrition Goal: Eat 20 different vegetables each week.
• Eliminate processed foods, especially sugar.
• Reduce animal protein
• Increase legumes and whole grains
• Listen to podcast:
• Daily check in with Diane, text message or phone. We will discuss plan for food prep and recipes if needed.


“I am so glad I found Diane’s classes. For the first time in years I am able to have good sleep.”
Barbara W.
“I have never before experienced yoga and Pilates the way Diane teaches it. I can now work with my injuries and feel great.”
Ed P.
“I have lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks on Diane’s plan. I now cook food that makes me feel amazing, and have a workout plan that is doable for me.”
Allison V.