A Mindful Morning with Diane Butera and Julia Siporin
Rejuvenate in Nature
June 25
Eugene, OR $45

Calm your mind and deepen your mindfulness skills. Our setting is Eugene’s beautiful Hendricks Park. We begin with a mindful meandering (led by Julia) through the breath-taking rhododendron garden, followed by mindful movement (led by Diane). Whether you are new to a mindfulness practice or a long-time practitioner, you will nourish your being by going inward. Treat yourself to a nurturing morning to ground your day. Leave with mindfulness tools for every-day life.

Mindful Meandering with Julia : Attune to your senses and to the simple delights and serenity of the natural world using various sensory awareness practices and guided mindfulness-based meditations. These will support a more direct connection with wonder, awe, and gratitude.
Julia Siporin is a 500 RYT-E yoga educator. She guides others to deepen and sustain their connection to our true nature of peace, ease, resilience, creativity, appreciation, curiosity and awe. Her extensive training in nature- based meditation brings depth to her teachings.

Mindful Movement with Diane: Quiet your mind with an embodiment experience. Enjoy gentle movements that are specifically sequenced to calm the nervous system, ground, and foster your ability to be fully in your body. Please bring a mat, beach towel or yoga blanket, yoga block, pinky ball and strap for this practice.

Diane Butera is a 500 RYT-E yoga educator. She is committed to empowering students with movement education that honors individual differences, and our innate ability to heal. She uses a variety of mindfulness tools to further wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Diane’s cancer diagnosis 12 years ago led her to become a strong advocate for healing through mindfulness practices, particularly guided meditation. She teaches authentically, with a true passion for supporting her students.

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All classes are free and on zoom. Please have a yoga strap, block and pinky ball (like a tennis ball) for your practice. Stay for an additional 15 minutes for Q and A.

Healthy Aging with Chair Yoga
aarp.cvent.com/virtualfitness , scroll down for my class
PLEASE register early as class fills and closes. Two days prior is recommended. We have about 250 people attend.

“If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself”
~Mickey Mantle
Begin your day with chair and standing movements to find wellness and vitality. Classes will cultivate core strength, mobility, and balance. Learn movements that help with achy feet, tight hips, low back pain, restriction in mobility, and more. Practice includes a wide range of activities that release fascia, increase abdominal strength, support posture, reduce chronic pain, increase the ability to recover from stress, and find better sleep. Movements help to avoid injuries, as well as recover faster from injury. A variety of props will help you find ease in your body. Please have a yoga strap, yoga block, and a pinky ball.
Release stress, improve mental clarity, and get stronger with a yoga practice that focuses on great attitude towards healthy aging.

Monday 2-2:45pm PST

Extra Gentle Yoga and Guided Meditation for Healthy Aging
aarp.cvent.com/virtualfitness , scroll down for my class
PLEASE register early as class fills and closes. Two days prior is recommended. We have about 250 people attend.

This class uses extra gentle movements to calm the nervous system and relax the body. Following the physical practice, students move to a comfortable place to lay down to enjoy a guided meditation designed to strengthen your vitality and find better sleep. Sleep is an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up. Good sleep also helps the body remain healthy and stave off diseases. Most people think that relaxation is very simple; just recline and close your eyes. We are tired, you go to bed and think that is relaxation. But unless you have released your muscular, mental, and emotional tensions, we may not be relaxed. Discover how guided meditation promotes health and sleep by deeply resting the body and mind.

Friday 10-10:45 PST

Mindful Movement
AARP Oregon and has a different link
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Meeting ID: 927 5983 9839
Passcode: Mindful2

Practice mindful movement for the best overall functioning of your whole body. Mindful movement can act as an instant cognitive boost. It helps relieve stress, which enhances the functioning of the brain. Movement is practiced sitting in a chair or standing, we will not be sitting on the floor. Learn how to work with the nervous system and functional movement to feel your best. This is a great way to start your week. Everyone welcome!

Monday 10-10:45 am PST
Through Oregon AARP Facebook Page